What drives Trident is a disciplined focus to protect the Client’s capital and deliver concrete returns. We believe this as an absolute and bring this to every project we are involved with.

Trident’s approach involves on the ground and in depth analysis, superior market knowledge and industry networks, rigorous enquiry and pro-active management.

Trident’s strategy is to develop strong, long term relationships with our business partners in order to deliver successful projects. We provide pro-active management of the projects in our charge and manage them as if they were our own.

We firmly believe that in order for projects to have successful outcomes, like any building solid foundations must be laid at the beginning of the project. In this respect, experience shows that optimum results are achieved when Trident is involved at the beginning of the project.

Without question rigorous analysis in the early development stages creates great projects, and this is something we commit to bringing on every project we work on. Projects are won or lost during these stages and Trident understands that accurate forecasting is required; ensuring assumptions are completely transparent and tested to current market trends so that informed decisions can be made.

We understand managing the exposure to risk from the acquisition stage through to construction in Vietnam, where there is a considerable spread in the experience and ability in service providers and their respective strengths and weaknesses, the choice of providers remains key to successful delivery of a project. Trident is able to draw on its expertise in the Vietnam market to help guide the selection of appropriate suppliers.